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Natural & safe dentistry located at 35 Vevay Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

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Amalgam related conditions

It has been shown that Mercury Vapour is constantly being omitted from these Amalgam fillings, which are 50% Mercury. This is one of them most potent neurotoxins known. Yet Mercury is used to fill dental cavities every day in Ireland! Click here to read more..

Thallium poisoning - Metal fillings

We have discovered in two of our patients who have been extremely ill for several years that they were being poisoned by their metal fillings which contained thallium. Thallium is one of the most toxic materials in the world.Click here to read more... 

Mercury Vapour Readings

Here at Vevay Holistic Dental Centre we can test your Breath, We test for the amount of vapour omitting from your fillings and see if it is potentially affecting your health. Click here to make an appointment today to test for vapour levels.

"...in March 2012, Dr. John Murphy attended to a root canal treatment which had a lot of amalgam in it,
I was previously experiencing many physcial issues and the removal of this amalgam removed them all..."

Gerry Murtagh - Dublin



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