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What Dr Mats Hanson found from 25 studies on patient health after mercury removal



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Patient health improves when amalgam fillings are removed.

That’s according to a review of 25 studies on the effects of amalgam filling removal in almost 6,000 patients carried out by Dr Mats Hanson for the Swedish Association of Dental Mercury Patients. Dr Hanson found a clear link between the removal of the amalgam and an increase in the health of the patient.

According to the review on removing amalgam fillings, “there is hardly any medical treatment which gives such positive results on so many health problems as amalgam removal.”


Mercury in amalgam fillings

This is largely due to the high amounts of mercury present in these amalgam fillings, with each filling typically made up of 50% mercury. This often leads to patients with amalgam fillings suffering from mercury poisoning. The side effects of mercury poisoning can be extremely serious.It can cause impaired vision, emotional changes and can sometimes cause sufferers to lose their ability to walk.

The mercury gets into the bloodstream as the amalgams constantly omit mercury vapour. And the effects of this release of mercury vapour can even be fatal for the patient.


A clear improvement in health

During the review of the 25 studies, Dr Hanson noted that, on average, 73% of patients saw either better or much better health in response to the removal of their amalgam filling.

The more amalgam fillings removed the better the results. In studies where some patients opted to have only part of their filling removed and others had the entire amalgam removed, it was clear that those who opted to have the entire amalgam removed were more satisfied in the long run. Patients who had only a portion of the filling removed were still more satisfied than those who did not have any of it removed.


Correct removal of amalgam

Although the review saw an increase in the health of patients who had their amalgam filling removed, Dr Hanson was keen to stress the importance of having the amalgam removed correctly in order to reap the full benefits.

He said: “Our experience during 20 years has shown that dentists often cheat; all amalgam is not removed but only part of it and the rest is covered with composite plastics. The patients will often first become better but gradually the symptoms recur.

“A thorough sanitation should, logically, include removal of everything which is suspect and as innocuous materials as possible be used instead. Few dentists work without neglecting some of these principles.”

Only by going to a mercury-free dentist can you guarantee the greatest care is taken in reducing the amount of mercury exposure during the removal of your amalgam filling.


Governments’ stance on amalgam

Dr Hanson’s review was carried out in Sweden, which has been a world leader in recognising the dangerous effects of mercury-based amalgam fillings. These fillings have been banned in Sweden since the year 2000, while Denmark and Norway have placed similar bans.

In the United States, the American Dental Association still claims amalgam is safe, despite the FDA’s recent decision to reclassify mercury from a Class 1 (least risk) to a Class 2 (more risk) device. The FDA finally admitted that mercury vapour can leak from the amalgam, although they still claimed that they are safe for use.

The UN’s Minamata Treaty ordered that all UN members “phase-down” the use of amalgam fillings, though they remain in use in Ireland.


Worried about amalgam fillings?

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